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1.      Testmanagement with EMOS framework

2.      Yahoo group for EMOS framework

3.      Keyword driven Testing

4.      Deutsches Forum für schlüsselwort- und 
datengesteuertes Framework, als

5.      EMOS Consulting GmbH

6.      Softwaremanagement(D)

  1. Keywords are the Key to Good Automation
  2. Software Test Automation and the Product Life Cycle
  3. Softwareengineering-1
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  5. Evaluation of WinRunner
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  8. Projektbenchmarking"
  9. Return of Investment (ROI)
  10. Carl J. Nagel's article on "Test Automation Frameworks"
  11. Totally Data-Driven Automated Testing/Keith Zambelich
  12. Independet Automated Testing Specialist Consultant's Network
  13. ASQF e.V. - Arbeitskreis Software-Qualität Franken e.V.
  14. Basic Q&A about SW-Quality by Rick Hower
  16. Cetus Links 15,869 Links on Objects and Components
  17. Coastal Technologies - Specialists in Systems Testing & Quality Assurance and Year 2000 Issues
  18. DBLP Bibliography
  19. GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  20. Fank Westphal, TestgetriebeneEntwicklung
  21. JUnit, Testing Resources for Extreme Programming
  22. KANER.COM. Software testing. Software quality. Testing Computer Software.


1.      Software Development Online

2.      Software Quality Engineering software testing & quality data to help developers & testers produce quality, bug-free software

3. Home Page

4.      Testing Foundations - Brian Marick

5.      TETworks on the Web (home)

6.      The British Computer Society

7.      Willkommen bei der DGQ



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1. writing Lessons Learned in Software Testing

2.      Bergin Joseph, Testing The Project Using XP

3.      Brian Marick, classic-mistakes

4.      Cem Kaner, Improving the Maintainability of Automated Test Suites. Software testing. Softwarequality. Los Altos Workshop on Software Test

5.      Ed Kitt
a) Integrated, Effective Test Design and Automation

b) Features February 1999 Integrated, Effective 

6.      Test Design and Automation

7.      Hans Buwalda: CMG - TestFrame - Whitepaper

8.      Keith Zambelich, White Paper TestPlan Driven Automated Testing

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